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Sewer Cameras and Accessories


Sonde & Camera Locating System with depth measurement


Rycom Transmitter


Standard Clean Out Plug Wrench Set

For nearly every size and style of clean out plug


Wohler 12V Battery

for Wohler VIS2xx/VIS3xx cameras


Wohler Camera Head

1 1/2" pan & tilt for VIS350+


Wohler Guidance Set

Protection sleeve, Roller Guide, and Centering Star


Wohler L200 Locator (Receiver)


Wohler Portable Battery Charger

Quick charger for Wohler Sewer Cameras


Wohler Protection Sleeve

for 1.5" VIS camera head


Wohler Replacement Polycarbonate Domes


Wohler Sunshade

for VIS 2xx and 3xx models


Wohler VIS 250 Visual Inspection System

Attached 1" color camera head


Wohler VIS 350 Visual Inspection System

Attached 1 1/2" Color Pan and Tilt Camera Head


Wohler VIS 350+ Visual Inspection System

Interchangeable Camera Heads


Wohler VIS 700 HD Video Inspection Camera

Digital video inspection with individual focus control


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