ChimneyInspectIR Online Training Application

ChimneyInspectIR Online Training Application


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Peter Hopkins, a Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer and subject expert when it comes to building moisture will bring his 25+ years as a certified building inspector and share his knowledge on why this may be the missing tool in your bag.  Peter will discuss the art and science behind this equipment and what’s necessary to perform these surveys. The class will incorporate actual hands-on training to give the students a better understanding on proper use and how to interpret results. Peter will share actual case studies he has had the privilege of performing over the years and how infrared technology helped solve many cases.  ChimneyInspectIR is an 8-hour course

30 min:  Introduction to Thermography

1 hour 30 min:  Building Science and Physics of Thermography

1 hour 45 min:  Thermal Imaging Cameras, Equipment Basics, Moisture Meter & Camera Lab (hands-on training lab)


1 hour: Hands-on Training Lab Continued

3 hours:  Application and Case Studies PT 2

15 min:  Questions and Answers Session (closing)

Final Exam

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