Thermal Imaging Conference 2022 (Track 4- Electrical IR Contractor Course)

Thermal Imaging Conference 2022 (Track 4- Electrical IR Contractor Course)


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This 2-day course is designed to train electricians in the application of electrical IR thermography and covers practical thermal infrared applications for electrical and mechanical assets, predictive maintenance practices, and infrared equipment operation for thermal imaging of electrical switchgear and mechanical equipment.

Infrared Surveying for Electrical Contractors

Every day in North America, the electrical switchgear in thousands of buildings is checked by infrared (IR) thermographers. Electrical Infrared Thermography is now an integral part of almost every facility manager's P/PM program. These IR surveys have also become standard operating procedures for corporations and are required by most insurance companies. As an electrical contractor, are you taking advantage of the chance to perform these surveys?

Come to Thermal Imaging Conference (TIC 2022) for this two-day course on Electrical IR Thermography and enjoy these benefits:

  • Learn industry survey techniques and accepted standards for infrared thermography.
  • See many examples of electrical faults through the lens of an IR camera.
  • Learn how to tell normal heat from abnormal heat, and how to decide if there is a problem.
  • Enter the free exhibition and put your hands on many different infrared cameras (and reporting software) and see which camera system best suits your needs.
  • Learn the proper PPE to wear during an electrical scan.
  • See how IR Windows affect thermal survey temperature readings.
  • Meet other electrical contractors that are using infrared thermography to get new accounts and maintain existing accounts! 

Infrared Surveying for Electricians & Electrical Contractors ~ Course Outline

1. Safety is always #1

2. Electrical Predictive Maintenance and Physics

3. Operation of Thermal Infrared Camera Systems (Hands-on)

4. Thermographers and Electricians Qualifications

5. Safety, Arc-Flash, PPE, and Infrared Windows

6. Standards Involved with Electrical thermography

7. Review of Quantitative Thermography

8. Temperature Criteria

9. What is a Reportable Finding?

10. Industrial, Institutional, Commercial, & Residential Buildings

11. Differences in IR Surveying in Office Buildings, Data Centers, Warehouses, Heavy Industrial Sites, Manufacturing Plants & Retail Centers

12. Electrical vs. Mechanical Applications

13. Managing Equipment Lists, Routes, and Setting Priorities

14. Text Databases and Image Databases

15. Collecting Data & Writing Reports

16. Exam



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