Pool & Spa Inspectors Online  Training Application

Pool & Spa Inspectors Online Training Application


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Pool and Spa Inspectors is a service offered by home inspectors who are trained in advanced techniques to find water leaks and detect water loss. PoolandSpaInspectors serve home buyers and sellers who are interested in adding a more detailed inspection in their home buying process or who suspect pool or spa damage and water loss.

The PoolandSpaInspectors training application is a 9-hour online course designed to provide home inspectors the knowledge they need to offer their clients an upgraded pool and spa inspection.

Curriculum Includes:

  • History & Terms, Pool and Equipment
  • Anatomy of Pool & Equipment
  • Codes & Standards, Protocols 7 Procedures
  • Common Defects
  • Advanced Analysis instruments & Use
  • Marketing
  • Report Writing
  • Final Exam


After purchasing any online training course, you are granted 90 days to complete it. If more than 90 days is required to complete the course, you will need to purchase an additional 30 days of use at $95 per 30 days. Should you require a longer amount of time, need to stop and start the course at a later date, or wish to retake the course again, you can pay at the course's refresher rate (85% off retail price).


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