FLIR ION M440 Airframe Only

FLIR ION M440 Airframe Only


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Model:  UA34974

Manufacturer:  Teledyne FLIR

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Rugged, agile, and ready to deploy rapidly, the FLIR ION M440 tactical quadcopter is purpose-built for short-range reconnaissance. The ION is rucksack portable and hand-launched. Built-in daytime and nighttime obstacle avoidance reduces cognitive load for operators in tight, obstructive environments. The ION can fly for 35 minutes, reaching a top speed of 23 mph (10.3 m/s).

The ION’s nimble flight capabilities pair with GPS-denied navigation. In GPS-denied or degraded environments, the ION can still maintain operation. The ION also utilizes accurate cursor-on-target, providing accurate coordinates for relay to the GCS. These battlefield capabilities combine improved situational awareness with intuitive operation to keep the warfighter safe and out of the line of fire in dangerous environments.

The ION M440 system is an NDAA-compliant drone designed and manufactured in the United States. The ION is pre-approved for government and military acquisition by the Defense Innovation Unit’s Blue sUAS Program.

Immediately soldier-deployable short-range reconnaissance VTOL system.
Embedded sensors and advanced flight algorithms offer a continuous collision avoidance failsafe.
Maintains operational and flight capabilities in GPS-denied or
degraded environments.
Features a high-powered discrete mission computer for advanced autonomous functions, is MAVLINK compliant, and interoperable with C-GCS, including TOGA.

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Teledyne FLIR

Manufacturer Teledyne FLIR

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